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TiGeorge's Chicken

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TiGeorge's Spit

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TiGeorge's Coffee

George Laguerre is the owner of TiGeorge's Chicken in Echo Park, LA's only Haitian restaurant.  TiGeorge's serves chicken spit roasted over an avocado wood fire.  One of the specialties is a dish called acra, which is grated taro, herring and habañero deep fried into a patty.  He also sells Haitian coffee imported from his family's coffee plantation. 

George has been a focal point in the Haitian community for gathering support for the country which has been devastated by the recent earthquake.  He recommends donating to Haitian organizations providing relief including Yele, Fonkoze, and International Eben-ezer Church of God, Inc. (714-870-7492).

Eddie Lin writes the blog

Many restaurants in the LA area are holding fundraisers for Haiti.  They include 

Susan Feniger's Street (15% of gift card sales)
Panera Bread (customers can add donations to their bill)
Wilshire (hosting fundraiser on January 31)

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