Horse Meat Scandal; Canal House Cooks; History of the A&P

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How did horse meat end up in frozen beef burgers in the UK? Food journalist Jay Rayner untangles the EU's complicated food web to find out. The industrialized supermarket chains at the root of the horse meat scandal weren't always so large and impersonal. Author Marc Levinson documents when and why mom and pop groceries gave way to national supermarket chains. Winter roots, tubers, rhizomes and corms get a detailed look from cookbook author Diane Morgan. Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton visit the Good Food studios to discuss their simple seasonal dishes in Canal House Cooks Every Day. Jonathan Gold discovers the apotheosis of toast and jam in the unknown neighborhood of Virgil Village, and Harold McGee answers your food science questions. Plus, Gustavo Arellano takes us out for "tacos al vapor" in the city of Orange. At the market Laura Avery talks to Marta Teegen, owner of the new Cortez in Echo Park, about the versatility of blood oranges, and farmers Jonelle and Michael George are back at the market with their prized Sumo citrus.

Banner image: A & P (Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.), 246 Third Avenue, Manhattan. Photo by Berenice  Abbott, March 16, 1936. New York Public Library

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