Jonathan Gold’s Weekly Restaurant Recommendation: Lucky Noodle King in San Gabriel

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The first time I had dan dan noodles, I was shocked.  One bite and my mouth was numb from the Sichuan pepper; I was scared to death (would it go away? did I lose my sense of taste?).  After the waiter and Evan explained what was happening, I relaxed a little.  It goes without saying that my palate is a thousand times LESS sophisticated than Jonathan Gold’s.  This week on Good Food, he takes us to Lucky Noodle King, another restaurant on Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel.  Lucky Noodle King serves dan dan mien, a noodle dish made with Sichuan pepper, also called prickly ash.  The other dishes Jonathan recommends are “crazy flavor eel,” the fava beans with garlic and chile, the twice-cooked pork, and the Chong-qing fried chicken. Keep reading for the address…

Lucky Noodle King
534 E. Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA
(626) 573-5668

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