Pie-a-Day #10 Nectarine Gallette

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A gallette is simple a circle of dough gently folded over a big pile of slightly sweetened fruit.  It is the best work to kudos ratio ever for the home cook.  At Angeli we use firm nectarines so we don’t have to peel peaches (and chef Kathy and I love the pink tinge the skins give the filling). We cut the nectarines into slices and toss them with a touch of lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons each of flour and sugar.  Then we roll out the dough, usually a very short and rich pate sablee.

The dough circle is placed on a parchment lined baking pan where the fruit is piled on and the edges are folded up to slightly enclose the filling.  We then brush the pastry with a mixture of beaten egg mixed with a little milk or cream to give the dough some extra color.  You can see how impressive they are.  It’s impossible to make a mistake.  Just looking at the photo makes me want a slice.  You?