Pumpkin Shortage; Chocolate as Medicine; Gin; Sunchokes

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If you've been to a Southern California farmers market lately, you probably saw the netting draped over certain produce.  It's because of a Mediterranean fruit fly.  Fruit expert David Karp explains what that is and why it's a problem.  Jonathan Gold takes us to Rosemead for some JTYH noodles.  The Shameless Carnivore, Scott Gold is back to tell us about a spleen sandwich he had recently.  Vivianna Acosta Padial is leading volunteers to her native Puerto Rico to help improve the food system.  She explains what's wrong and what she hopes her Culinary Corps can do.  And what's going on with all the pumpkin?  Supermarket guru Phil Lempert gives us the scoop on the pumpkin shortage.  A new study says that chocolate can help prolong the lives of heart attack survivors.  Dr. Ken Mukamal shares the results.  Gin was once used as medicine.  David Wondrich dives into the history of this distilled spirit.  Robert Wemischner elevates food presentation to an art form.  He describes the concept of dessert architecture.  And, Gustavo Arellano is here with a Bolivian restaurant recommendation in Tustin.  C.J. Jacobsen shares a recipe for a persimmon caprese and farmer Alex Weiser explains just what a sunchoke is.

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