Recipe: Marc Vetri’s Spaghetti with Pepper Ragù

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Spaghetti with Pepper Ragù from Mastering Pasta. Photo: Ed Anderson

For Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri, a life without pasta would be a life without music, a life without love. No dish has as many variations, colors, tastes, textures and subtleties as a dish of pasta. And while he believes pasta has long been misunderstood, he writes, “mastering it is as simple as getting dressed in the morning. You’ve stocked your closet with this and that, now just let yourself get inspired by what’s happening that day.”

This recipe for Spaghetti with Pepper Ragù is from his new book Mastering Pasta. He says, “This is a simple dish, but the mix of peppers makes it special. If you use only one kind of pepper, the ragù won’t have the same complexity.”

The book includes detailed instructions for making your own pasta at home (he recommends his Semolina dough for this recipe), but if you’re using store bought noodles he suggests using either linguini or rigatoni.