Recipe: Roxana Jullapat’s “Farewell to Cherries” Pie

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Pie-A-Day #15

Roxana Jullapat is the Pastry Chef and co-owner of Cooks County AND we are thrilled that she is also a judge at the 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. She shares her “Farewell to Cherries” Pie with us as she bids one of her favorite fruits adieu until next year. Along with a recipe she gave us this warning:

“Warning: This pie is not the classic cherry pie you crave in the middle of May when cherries first come into season. I like to make it as a way to say farewell to cherries when the stands at the farmers’ market start to slim down. Other valid reasons to make this pie are: a) you are too lazy to pit the six cups required to make a fresh cherry pie from scratch, b) it is later in the year and all you have left is a jar of that delicious cherry jam you made at the height of the season, c) you live in the Southern hemisphere and happen to be enjoying cherries when everyone in the Northern hemisphere is eating apples. Useful hint: this recipe also works wonderfully with a puckery plum jam or tart cranberry compote.”

Keep reading for her recipe and click here to enter YOUR pie in this year’s Good Food Pie Contest.