Devil in the Kitchen

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Marco Pierre White is the most decorated chef in English history and the youngest chef ever to win three Michelin stars. His London restaurant empire includes Belvedere, Criterion, Drones, L'Escargot, Mirabelle, Quo Vadis, and the Frankie's chain of pizzerias.

Known as the enfant terrible of London's culinary world, White created a world of perfectionism, unpredictable fury and tempestuous behavior in his kitchens, with passionately creative and delectable dishes transcending it all.  His relentless pursuit of Michelin stars seemed to leave him empty despite the success, and he re-focused his priorities.  Now, with confidence and experience measuring his success, he's returned his Michelin stars and turned his attention to the young chefs that he mentors, developing his portfolio of restaurants and being a father to his four children.  Marco reflects on his reputation, how he was drawn to cuisine and what lies ahead.

The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness and the Making of a Great Chef is Marco Pierre White's latest book.