The market report: Bitter greens

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The older Wes Whitsell gets, the more bitter greens he wants to eat, from dandelions and escarole to mustard greens and spigarello. "I'm searching for all the bitter greens that I can get my hands on," the chef and owner of Manuela in LA’s Arts District told Laura Avery at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Whitsell's suggestion? Toss treviso, radicchio, endives and rapini leaves with almonds, croutons, chicken and red bell pepper. Then, eat the salad with your hands! Avery also talks to Mike Handley at the market about how snowmelt from Sequoia National Park helps grow komatsuna, wasabina and mizuna at Flora Bella Farms in Three Rivers, California.

Music: "Little by Little" and "Lolita Marie"