Stumptown’s California Outpost

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Stumptown at the Venice Grind

The word Stumptown doesn’t mean much to most Californians.  However, say the word to anyone in Portland, Seattle or New York and eyes light up.  Stumptown Coffee Roasters do just that – they make coffee – the kind of coffee that needs no sugar, that needs no syrup…the kind of coffee that can bring a tear to one’s eye.  Rumor has it, that the Portland based company refuses to sell beans to any coffeehouse or restaurant that is not in biking distance to it’s customers.  If the rumor is true, it pretty much strikes LA off the list permanently.

And after 2 years of living in LA and lamenting the absence of Stumptown in my daily life, I discovered last week that it has been brewing right under my nose at The Venice Grind this whole time!  Californians!   Take heed!  You can skip the line at Intelligentsia (which also makes excellent coffee) and head right over to The Venice Grind on Venice Blvd, just east of Centinela for a sensational coffee experience.  The Grind tells me that they are the only true brewer of Stumptown in the entire state of California.  Whether it’s due to the bike lane outside on Venice Blvd or an inside connection, I’m just happy it’s here.

For a map of the Venice Grind, click here.