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Living in Los Angeles means having access to some of the finest gourmet foods available.  But do you know where to find them?  Rachel Sheridan is the food buyer at Cube – the bright-walled Los Angeles café that offers a sizeable selection of charcuterie, cheeses and pastas.  Cube has organized a culinary fundraiser, the Maker Nights -- a benefit for Slow Food in Schools (a national program that helps children appreciate wholesome foods and sustainable food practices).  On May 3rd and 4th, the restaurant’s dining room will welcome three of the country’s top artisan food makers and an heirloom farmer, who will partner for two evenings of scrumptious menus and food discussions.  Rachel shares some of the delectable dishes and fine foods that can be found at Cube – from a Black Truffle Pizza from the Marche region of Italy to raw sunflower honey and Cube’s Artisan Four Cheese Mac & Cheese.

615 N. La Brea
Los Angeles

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