The Gospel of Food

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Our culture is food obsessed.  Ironically, we also celebrate deprivation -- taking the joy out of our food experiences through dieting and bland food substitutions.

The author of seven books on contemporary social issues, Barry Glassner is Professor of Sociology at the University of Southern California. His book, The Gospel of Food, argues that by discarding food trends and fad diets, Americans will become happier, healthier and more educated about the foods they eat.  Because foods are heavily marketed by food producers, grocery chains and restaurants, we are bombarded with information about how and what to eat.  Barry talks about debunking the current trends in food marketing and how we have become so preoccupied with denying ourselves.

Evan Kleiman will be interviewing Barry Glassner in-person as a part of the Aloud L.A. series at the Los Angeles Public Library.  The Event will take place on Tuesday, April 17th at the Los Angeles Central Library.  Sculptor Lloyd Hamrol will simultaneously be building a “junk food pyramid” on stage, created with acquisitions from a 99¢ store.  More information is available at the Aloud L.A. website.