This Week on Good Food: County Fair Food, Alpaca Burgers, LA Food & Wine

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Deep fried, wrapped in bacon or on a stick – Good Food Producer Gillian Ferguson interviews Chicken Charlie, Mike Peterson and Dominic Palmieri about the best and most extreme eats on offer at this year’s OC Fair. Speaking of extreme eats, Jonathan Gold tries the alpaca burger at Mo Chica in Downtown LA. Meet Besha Rodell, the new restaurant critic for the LA Weekly and lover of blackberry pie. The massive LA Food & Wine event is this weekend and co-founder Robert Weakley explains what it takes to create the three-day food and drink bananza. Gustavo Arellano takes us to a taqueria serving the best quesadilla in Orange County and Nutrition Policy Advocate Kerry Birnbach describes what this year’s Farm Bill cuts mean to food assistance nationwide. Plus, Laura Avery talks to Nate Peitso about his unique summer herbs and Matthew Biancaniello whips up a farmers market cocktail at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.