This Week on Good Food: Perfect Picnic Food, Foodopoly, Fracking our Food Supply

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Photo: Dylan + Jeni

Are we living in a “foodopoly?” Wenonah Hauter unveils how one company took control of 90 percent of the soy milk market and 40 percent of the milk market. Gardener and blogger Margaret Roach explains the importance of sourcing organic seeds and baker Ben Lester discusses his community supported grain and bean program. London-based blogger Kate Perutz shares her suggestions for perfect picnic food while Jonathan Gold muses on the kale and poached eggs at the new Muddy Leek in Culver City. Chefs David Myers and Kuniko Yagi talk about the unique lobster roll at Hinoki & The Bird. Plus, journalist Elizabeth Royte investigates the link between fracking and livestock health. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Richard Sager about peas and asks Jerusalem-based chef Assaf Granit how the markets in Israel compare to the Santa Monica Farmers Market.