This Week On Good Food: The Best Cookbooks and Food Literature of 2013

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Highlights from this week’s show:

1. Evan Kleiman talks about the best cookbooks of 2013 with Celia Sack of Omnivore Books in San Francisco, who is considered the reigning queen of cookbooks. Celia gives her picks for the best cookbooks for bakers, what will become a classic, and the must-haves from this year.

2. Einat Admony of Balaboosta and Taim in New York discusses the new meaning of the word ‘Balaboosta,’ which is Yiddish for perfect housewife. She also delves into her Yemenite and Persian heritage and how it influences her cooking.

3. Lorena Jones is the publishing director of food books at Chronicle Books in San Francisco. She contends that in the world of increasingly popular e-readers and wide availability of online recipes and tutorials, the physical cookbook still matters.

4. Michael Paterniti, author of The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World’s Greatest Piece of Cheese, recounts the tale behind his best-selling non-fiction work.

5. Daniel Patterson owner of Coi discusses the “zeitgeist” of chef-driven books. His latest book Coi: Stories and Recipes is part of this trend.

6. Market Report– Laura Avery talks to farmer Troy Regier of Regier Family Farms about how the recent freeze has affected his crops, and how he has protected his popular satsumas.

7. Chef Susan Feniger discusses her newest restaurant, Mud Hen Tavern in Hollywood that features cocktails sourced from farmers market ingredients.

8. Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Los Angeles Times, and this week he reviews Colonia Taco Lounge in La Puente.  He lauds Colonia for its unique tacos and casual lounge environment.