This Week on Good Food: The Origins of Tuna Tartare, Basque Style Wines, Handmade Udon

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The tuna tartare at CHAYA Brasserie.

An udon restaurant is making waves in Little Tokyo by serving handmade, cooked to order, udon noodles. Jonathan Gold describes how the noodles are kneaded, rolled and cut. Chaya Brasserie is celebrating 30 years in Los Angeles, and CEO Yuta Tsunoda stops by to talk about his family’s 362 year-old restaurant in Japan and why his father chose to move to LA. Good Food’s wine guru Stacie Hunt finds Basque style wines in Spain and in Oregon. Plus, Laura Avery interviews raw-chef Matthew Kenney about figs and Jessica Kamper of Shanley Farms is back at the market with their finger limes.