This Week on Good Food: Tiki Mania, Lime Shortage, A Taste of the South

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We hear about tiki bars and cocktails past and present, Matt Biancaniello tells us how he’s making margaritas sans limes and Donald Link gives us a taste of the South.

1. Tiki Then and Now–Serena Herrick of Allumette, cookbook author Colman Andrews and rum connoisseur Matt Robold all share their affinity for tiki, that intoxicating combination of rum and kitsch. Serena Herrick talks about her tiki-inspired happy hour menu, Colman Andrews reminisces about the famous tiki bar Trader Vic’s and Matt Robold shares some of his favorite rums.

serena herrick tiki

2. Market Report with David Karp and Matt Biancaniello–Laura Avery speaks with journalist David Karp about a recent article he penned for the New York Times which describes the three causes of the Mexican lime shortage: weather, disease and cartels. Plus, L.A. cocktail wizard Matt Biancaniello says sometimes an ingredient shortage can be an excuse to get creative. He notes how the Cognac shortage in the late 1800’s led to bartenders in New Orleans using rye whiskey and inventing the Sazerac. Perhaps the lime shortage will create a similarly famous cocktail. Find a recipe for his limeless margarita on the blog.

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3. Jonathan Gold Reviews Orsa and Winston–Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer of the Los Angeles Times. This week he reviews Orsa and Winston, chef Josef Centeno’s latest culinary endeavor located in downtown. His menu features small plates, ‘exquisitely sourced produce’ and in lieu of its Japanese, Italian and Spanish influences, Jonathan Gold says it all “tastes like Los Angeles.”

Orsa and Winston

122 W 4th St


(213) 687-0300

All of Jonathan’s restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

CHRIS GRANGER4. A Trip Down South with Donald Link–Donald Link is the chef of several restaurants in New Orleans including Herb Saint and Cochon. His most recent cookbook is called Down South, Evan Kleiman’s most recent KCRW Cookbook Club pick. His irresistible recipe for Shrimp and Crab Spaghetti is on the Good Food Blog.

5. Pick a Pickle–Hugh Acheson is a cookbook author and chef behind numerous restaurants in Georgia. He shares his unique new cookbook with us that’s dedicated to the pickle. It’s called Pick a Pickle and it’s a booklet of fifty cards that has a recipe for something pickle-related on each card. Acheson and his book will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books next Saturday. Find a recipe for his Pickled Turnip Stems on the Good Food blog.

6. Orange County’s Only Turkish Bakery–Gustavo Arellano is the editor of OC Weekly and this week he tells us about Ikram Bakery, the only Turkish bakery in the OC that he says has fantastic savory breads and pastries.