Valentine’s Day Recipe: Bagna Cauda

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Valentine’s Day is just a week away and this weekend on the show we share lots of V-Day worthy food ideas from 99 cent chocolate roses to this more heart-felt recipe for homemade Bagna Cauda. This recipe comes from Linda de Villers, a local psychologist and sex therapist and the author of the book Simple Sexy Food.

SSF-BagnaCauda-Overhead1The name Bagna Cauda translates directly to “hot bath” and if that alone isn’t steamy enough for you she says that bagna cauda is the perfect food “to feed each other while brushing up on your flirtatious love talk.” It can be eaten on the floor (hint: in front of the fire) and is eaten with your hands. Think of it as the Italian equivalent to fondue.

And most importantly, this recipe is relatively simple and low-stress. Linda reminds us in the outtake below that anxiety is not sexy. Make dishes that you are comfortable with so you can spend less time fussing over the stove and more time doting on your special someone.