Water Rights; Little Arabia; Bocuse d’Or; Meat-free Meat

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California produces 50 percent of the fruits, vegetables and nuts consumed in the U.S.  And that kind of agricultural production needs water and lots of it.  Today on Good Food, Rita Schmidt Sudman takes a look at how California’s agricultural sector uses water.  Gustavo Arellano of the OC Weekly takes us to Little Arabia in Orange County.  A look into the intense Bocuse d’Or cooking competition.  Andrew Friedman has the scoop on this prestigious event.  Nancy Zaslavsky knows her Mexican food.  She tells us about cemitas, the sandwich from Puebla, Mexico.  The woman behind Julie and Julia, Julie Powell, shares stories of her stint as a butcher.  Chris Cosentino has made meat his mission.  He wants people to try offal.  Even if you’re a vegetarian, you need protein.  Ivy Manning deciphers meat-free options.  Plus Jessica Ritz researched French fries in Los Angeles.  She shares her results.  And Laura Avery is at the Santa Monica Farmers Market with news of what’s fresh.