What’s Fresh at the Farmers Market This Week

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Laura Avery is the market manager for the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Each week she takes pictures at the Wednesday market.

blog031710 001Fava bean greens from young beans too small to pick.  These thinnings can be made to make tasty pesto, or tossed on a salad, braised or sautéed.  Fairview Garden Farm, Wednesday Santa Monica

blog031710 002

Bumpy purple skinned passion fruit has tart, tangy tropical seeds inside.  Coleman Farm, Wednesday & Saturday Santa Monica

blog031710 003Mori Onodera, chef/owner of Mori Sushi shopping at Coleman

blog031710 004Amaranth, or Japanese spinach, can be cooked or eaten raw in a salad.  Fresno Evergreen; Wednesday and Pico Santa Monica

blog031710 005Nikki Palmer, pastry chef at Rustic Canyon, with an armful of flowers and strawberries

blog031710 006Jackson gets a lift from his Grandpa Everett Davall at the Wednesday Santa Monica market