HBM023: The Near Destruction Of Rey Jaguar [Extended Cut]

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For Mexican Wrestlers, masks are everything. They wear them in the ring, they wear them to the grocery store, they wear them any time they appear in public. No one knows what face lies under that mask, so it makes sense that de-masking a Luchadore or Luchadora is highest taboo in the sport.

In this episode, we travel to Seattle’s South Park neighborhood for Lucha Libre In The Park, a free wrestling event put on by Lucha Libre Volcanica. Costumes, yelling kids, exquisite masks, cross-dressing, motorcycles, bad victory speeches--everything you would expect, and one thing that no one saw coming.

Check out the crazy photos from that night right here: is.gd/LuchadorsInThePark

This piece’s shortened form (6 minutes) was entered as a submission in KCRW’s 24-Hour Radio Race. To listen to the original, click here: Jeffsotherscaccount – Jeff-emtman-the-near
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Jeff Emtman

Jeff Emtman