HBM042: Deers

Andy Wilson and Ryan Graves are best friends, despite having very different opinions on the hierarchy of human and animal life. The two come face-to-face with those differences after a fatal encounter on a frigid winter day in northeastern Idaho when Andy's dogs chase a deer into Lake Chatcolet.

Today, Andy is happily married (celebrating his year anniversary next week), working as a fine woodworker at Renaissance Fine Woodworking, and living in Pullman Washington. He now has three brown dogs and Quincy (the brown dog from the story) knows the word "deer" - but is less likely to chase it in his 11th year.

Ryan works as a nurse in Pullman Regional Hospital and lives just outside of town. His duck died last week, but he's looking forward to the five muscovy ducklings he's going to acquire soon. And he's looking forward to deer season.

This episode is heavily adapted from a short animated film also called Deers, produced by John Summerson. His film received support from the Princess Grace Foundation USA. Bethany Denton produced this piece, with editing help from Jeff Emtman and Nick White.

Deers from John Summerson on Vimeo.

Music: Flowers ||| Lucky Dragons ||| Flower Petal Downpour

Below, images courtesy of John Summerson.

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Jeff Emtman, Bethany Denton