HBM086: Eve is Hungry

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In HBM085: Ascended Fiction, we explored a rumor about Scientology and whether there exists a belief that founder L. Ron Hubbard will return to Earth. Sources we talked to within and outside of the Church of Scientology gave different answers, and it's hard to know the actual truth, because the church's most sacred texts are kept secret.

It got us thinking about hidden knowledge, and whether it's moral to withhold information. So in this follow-up episode, we delve into that more, but this time with Christianity.

Chaplain Vanessa Zoltan (also co-host of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text) re-tells the story of Eve seeking knowledge from a fruit tree. We also have additional info from Tony Ortega, and a couple of secret-knowledge-voicemails from our listener line.

You can call us, too. Right now, we're asking listeners this question: what is it about our moment in time that will be unknowable to archaeologists of the future? The quiet pink glow of fresh snow fall? Texting and driving? Something else? Let us know what you think.
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This episode was produced by Jeff Emtman. Editing help from Bethany Denton and Nick White.

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Original Sin, Pieter Paul Rubens, 1615

Adam and Eve, Temptation and Banishment, Michelangelo, 1509

Fall of Man and Expulsion from Paradise, Michiel Coxcie, ca. 1550

Eve and the Serpent, Henri Rousseau ca.1905

The Fall of Man, Adam and Eve, Pieter Paul Rubens 1629

Adam and Eve, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1526

Fall of Man, Cornelis van Haarle, 1592

God Forbidding Adam and Eve to Eat from
the Tree of Knowledge,
Heinrich Aldergrever, 1540

The Fall of Man, Pietro Mera, ca. 1571

The Fall of Adam and Eve, Hugo van der Goes, 1470






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Jeff Emtman, Bethany Denton