HBM096: Are We Still Afraid?

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Here Be Monsters is almost 100 episodes old. It’s grown a lot since Jeff was a scared 22 year old learning audio editing in his basement. So as we approach the milestone, we take a look back, check in with some of our memorable guests, and take the chance to answer some listener questions while we’re at it.

On this episode we’ll hear updates from or about:
Luke Eldridge and his sons Griff and Ira from HBM076: Griff’s Speech,
Remi Dun from HBM080: An Ocean of Halves,
Muhammad Tariq from HBM077: Snow on Date Trees, Then on Pines,
Tyler Higgins from HBM052: Call 601-2-SATAN-2,
Patti Negri from HBM054: Flaming Sword of Truth,
Erin from HBM064: A Shrinking Shadow
And Jacob Lemanski from HBM015: Jacob Visits Saturn and HBM072: Ant God.

You can call us any time at (765) 374 - 5263.

Bethany Denton and Jeff Emtman produced this episode. Nick White is our editor at KCRW.

Music: The Black Spot ||| Flowers ||| Lucky Dragons ||| Serocell


Jeff Emtman

Jeff Emtman, Bethany Denton