Potential Energy (Live) [EXPLICIT]

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Here Be Monsters host, Jeff Emtman grew up in a small town in Eastern Washington.

In the summers, he struggled to find things to do, so he started going to bed an hour later each night. During his nocturnal summer, his friends decided to throw a dance party in the laundromat.

Watch the video of the performance at http://HBMpodcast.com

This episode is a recording from a live storySLAM organized by The Moth. However, this is *not* from The Moth's podcast.

The Moth's podcast lives here: http://themoth.org/stories/1?sortby=podcastDate&order=DESC

Live storytelling is great. Most medium-to-large sized cities have events monthly. The Moth isn't the only organization with live events, but it is one of the best organized. Check their events page to see if they're in your town: http://themoth.org/events

The story on today's episode might sound familiar if you're a regular listener to Here Be Monsters. And that's because it's a much shorter version of HBM021: Potential Energy, our Season 2 premiere episode. Listen to it:


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Jeff Emtman

Jeff Emtman