Arbitrator issues stunning 'Bones' decision, calls Fox "reprehensible"

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The arbitrator pulled no punches in issuing his ruling. He said top Fox execs Peter Rice, Dana Walden and Gary Newman perjured themeselves in regards to 'Bones' and that Fox overall has a “cavalier attitude toward its wrongdoing." We've seen this kinds of self-dealing issues with Fox before. Steven Bochco won a major settlement when Fox sold re-run rights for 'NYPD Blue' to sister company FX without making a fair effort to sell it elsewhere first. In the case of 'Bones,' the decision here says Fox basically set up a sweetheart deal with Hulu, which they own a 30% stake in. He issued a $179 million award to the 'Bones' team--the second largest in TV history. 



Kaitlin Parker