BBC Scandal Rocks the UK

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The unfolding scandal at the BBC in Britain has taken at least two distinct paths. One is down the path of exposing possibly decades of child molestation by the now deceased BBC talk show host, Jimmy Savile. He supposedly sexually abused hundreds of children which was going to be exposed in a news report on a BBC show in December 2011 but that show was never aired. The question of why and how that decision was made is still being investigated. The other path involves the BBC wrongly accusing a member of Parliament of being a pedophile. Neither of these paths show the once lauded broadcaster in a good light. There is still much to be discovered of who knew what when but in the meantime, one Rupert Murdoch, mogul of NewsCorp has been tweeting his disdain for the public broadcaster and no doubt his joy that people's attention is now drawn away from his newspapers' phone-hacking scandals.



Kim Masters