Facebook and Twitter go tough on Trump after US Capitol assault

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Facebook has banned President Trump, at least until his term is over. Twitter issued a 12-hour suspension of his account on Wednesday. Photo by Pixabay.

In what could be the ultimate fruition of years of Facebook’s amplification algorithm that allowed conspiracy theories to flourish on the social media platform, insurgents attacked the U.S. Capitol building on the day electoral votes were scheduled to be certified. 

 Following that attack Facebook blocked Trump for the rest of his term, and Twitter suspended him for 12 hours (that blockade was lifted on Thursday).

 Now with a Democratic House, Senate and presidency, Facebook founder Mark Zucerkberg seems to be taking action to curb the proliferation of conspiracy theories. 

It’s a fraught time for social media companies, including YouTube, another place where false information was allowed to run rampant. 60 Minutes featured an interview with Lenny Pozner, the father of a Sandy Hook victim. Pozner had to appear in makeup to disguise his appearance after being targeted by conspiracy theorists who were radicalized on YouTube.



Kaitlin Parker