Hollywood's Efforts to Break into China

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Kim and John break down the risks and rewards of making movies for the the Chinese market. Hollywood sees potential co-productions as the optimal way to do business in China since that ensures a greater take of the box office. But getting a co-production status isn't easy. At one point Iron Man 3 was going to be a co-production, but while some scenes were shot there it never reach the status of an official co-production. Still, it will get released in the US and China on the same day (May 3) -- a coveted release plan -- and the Chinese version has been edited to include more of the scenes shot in China. Still other movies, like Paramount's next installment of the Transformers' franchise, are taking innovative steps to get favorable status in China. That includes creating a reality show for Chinese television in which they will actually cast four actors, two professionals and two amateurs, to be in the feature. But it all remains to be seen what all these efforts will do to get more Hollywood movies in theaters in China.



Kim Masters