‘No Time to Die’ finally opens in the US, with high box office hopes

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Daniel Craig plays James Bond, one last time, in “No Time to Die.” Photo by MGM.

After more than a year of pandemic-related delays, “No Time to Die” is finally opening in U.S. movie theaters. The James Bond movie stars Daniel Craig as the famous secret agent for the fifth and final time and has already made more than $120 million overseas. Hollywood’s hope is that “No Time to Die” could come close to making $100 million at its domestic opening. 

While there have already been some pandemic-era box office hits, “No Time to Die” has the potential to be the first true blockbuster of the era, both because of the appeal of the franchise and because COVID numbers continue to drop in many areas.  

Even if the film does well, it’ll still have a long way to go to make a profit because it cost some $250 million to make. Plus, there were all the “zombie marketing costs” connected to the multiple times the “No Time to Die” release date had to be pushed. 



Kaitlin Parker