NBC and CNN Face Wrath over Hillary

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Michael Schneider, LA Bureau Chief for TV Guide Magazine, joins Kim Masters to discuss the uproar that planned programming about Hillary Clinton has generated on both sides of the aisle. NBC recently announced a four-hour miniseries based on Hillary Clinton's life, with Diane Lane playing the lead, that the network hoped to run in the near future. Thus far production has not begun -- in fact there may not be a script yet-- but this news has prompted the Republican National Committee to threaten the media outlet, saying that if they go ahead with the miniseries the RNC would exclude NBC and MSNBC from airing the debates leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. Meanwhile, NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd has denounced the idea for the miniseries as a "nightmare for NBC News" because, despite the firewall between the News and Entertainment divisions, the miniseries could look to the public as if the NBC brand is partisan. Meanwhile, CNN is under fire for its plans to run a documentary about Hillary Clinton. The movie will be made by Charles H. Ferguson whose film Inside Job won an Oscar for best documentary. CNN has a lot to lose as they were the home to many of those numerous GOP debates during the Republican primaries.