NBC, the Olympics and Fallon

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NBC paid $4.4 billion for the rights to air the Sochi Winters games and the next two Olympics to come. Kim and John discuss whether it's been worth it so far to the network and the company writ large. Critics have bashed the coverage for too much banter -- not enough sport -- and ratings have been hit and miss. Still, viewers have turned out for key events and many have stuck around to sample the new Tonight Show. The remarkable ratings (some of the best in 10 years) for that show may have happened regardless of the Olympics because people would be curious how Jimmy Fallon would do in the host seat. Still, it's hard to look off the help of those Olympic viewers. Meanwhile, Universal Pictures, also owned by Comcast, has taken advantage of Olympic tune-in to promote it's movie Unbroken. The Angelina Jolie-directed film, which isn't due out until Christmas, is the story of real-life Olympian Louis Zamperini, who was imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II, so NBC and Universal saw a synergy there.



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