World War Z v. Monsters University

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Kim is rejoined by John Horn of the LA Times to break down the upcoming box office showdown between zombies and monsters. This is another big Summer movie weekend pitting Paramount's zombie apocalypse World War Z starring Brad Pitt -- who is also producing -- against Pixar's sequel to Monsters Inc, Monsters University. Early tracking has Pixar winning at the box office but World War Z had good early numbers coming out of releases in Asia. Both studios have a lot to prove. The latest two Pixar movies didn't fare as well as previous ones. But even more pressing Paramount waged a huge bet on World War Z. The budget reportedly ran well over $200 million, there were very expensive re-shoots done when the studio realized they didn't have a workable third act to the story, and there's a lot of pressure to on Pitt to prove his producing chops.



Kim Masters