Like a Light Bulb

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Kristin’s daughter was just 16 years old when she began to struggle with drug addiction - methamphetamine, heroin, and more. It brought Kristin to her knees. Of all the painful challenges, the worst was not knowing where her daughter was in the middle of the night.

Between searching for her daughter, worrying if she was alive and researching ways to help her, Kristin was barely taking care of herself. Sleep was almost non-existent. Finally, she gave herself permission to let go. And that’s when she discovered a way to lead her daughter to safety.



Vanessa Lowe


Vanessa Lowe

Music: Nocturne theme music by Kent Sparling
Additional music: Kent Sparling \\ Jeffrey Foster

Producer: Vanessa Lowe
Episode artwork: Robin Galante

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If you or someone you love are dealing with addiction you are not alone. Here are some resources about addiction and recovery:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Center for Motivation and Change

David Sheff’s books, “Clean” and “Beautiful Boy."