Dennis Kucinich explains new Automatic Draft Registration legislation being considered by Congress

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The last time the United States saw large scale student anti-war protests was in response to the Vietnam War in 1968 and today against the genocide in Gaza. The last time the United States saw automatic draft registration was also during the Vietnam War era and today. Long serving Congressman Dennis Kucinich joins host Robert Scheer on this episode of Scheer Intelligence to break down what the new automatic draft registration provision, which was passed by the House and now under consideration by the Senate, really means for the future of America. Kucinich says:

“Why is a Democrat in the Senate pushing this idea of registering women and have them subject to the same requirements as males age 18 to 26? If you're planning for a big draft, it would be about 32 million Americans would be subject to it based on their age.”

Kucinich asserts that the Biden administration, like its predecessors, has resorted to deceit to justify entering unjust wars and sending Americans to die in foreign countries. “When you put an infrastructure up that would facilitate a draft, America better wake up as to what's going on here,” Kucinich said. “This is being done in preparation to send our young men and women into wars.”

He reminds people that in order to stop the legislation from going forward, the wars themselves must stop first. Kucinich points out that, “right now, our State Department is just an adjunct of the Pentagon. Everything's about putting a gun on the table.” Without a “Department of Peace,” which Kucinich advocated for, or an opposing force to the military industrial complex’s chokehold on the government, the status quo will continue.

“[The State Department] [doesn’t] know the meaning of the word diplomacy,” Kucinich told Scheer. “Antony Blinken, in a just world with an aware Congress, would have been removed by impeachment for his consistent lies and his manipulation."



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