Go for It: Life Lessons from Girl Boxers

This year women will enter the Olympic boxing ring for the first time. The women's boxing competition begins on August 5 and runs through August 9. Hosted by actor Rosie Perez and producer Marianne McCune, Go for It explores why women fight and why we expect them not to. Go for It takes listeners inside the hearts and minds of girls and women who are not afraid to defy expectations, take chances and fight to become 'the greatest.' Finally, there's the sobering backdrop: brain scientists are finding increasingly stark evidence that repeated blows to the head cause a long list of problems later on, from death to memory loss and depression. Most boxers, men or women, will tell you, "It's not going to happen to me." Go for It looks at the risks to women who are embracing a sport increasingly criticized for exposing participants to serious injury.

Banner image: 17-year old Claressa Shields believes losing is something other boxers do. Photo by Sue Jaye Johnson