Only in America: The Streets Were Paved with Gold

The Lower East Side, Part 1: Immigrant Jews who arrived in the Lower East Side of New York from Eastern Europe found harsh living conditions in crowded tenements. And no gold. Life on the Lower East Side transformed the new immigrants. "Greenhorn" Jews adopted the language and culture of their new country as fast as they could. They chronicled their lives through letters to the editor of the Jewish Daily Forward read by Jerry Stiller, Zero Mostel and Barbara Rosenblatt. Produced and hosted by Larry Josephson.

Part 2 of 5, the series runs December 3-7 from 2-3pm and is organized around themes, historical periods and individuals that illustrate important aspects of this American Jewish history. The full series will be available as a subscriber premium, in a fully packaged 8-CD set including additional feature programs and interview content.