A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Sometimes you get in a rut as a creative professional, wondering if you’ll ever be a professional, creatively, or if you’ll be forever stuck in some dead-end day job that’s designed to pay the bills but barely does. And then you might fantasize that some big change, or chance encounter, or fabulous coincidence is going to turn it around FOREVAH. Sometimes, though, we should be careful what we wish for... Suzanne Clores tells this story.

And check out Suzanne's cool new Extraordinary Project.

Suzanne, the young art girl in all black

Suzanne, the tank-top girl after the big move

Suzanne, the Chicago mom

Banner image: Suzanne Clores on her graduation day from her Master's program in Tucson

Music featured in this episode:

  1. The Karminsky Experience - "Into The Blue" 
  2. Calexico - "Sprawl"
  3. Paul Dreux Smith - "Mr. Pepper" (written for this episode)
  4. Tal M. Klein - "Ode to Cap'n Gaye"
  5. Paul Dreux Smith - "Drunken Promise" (written for this episode)
  6. Calexico - "Untitled III"
  7. Future Islands - "Seasons (Waiting On You) (BADBADNOTGOOD Rework)"
  8. BADBADNOTGOOD - "Velvet"

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