Adrian's Race

Adrian is 25 and losing his eyesight. He's in a race against time. He’s also in a battle between humility and pride. When is it stubborn, perhaps even foolhardy, not to make concessions to one’s disability? When is it the only way out? And where do you find wisdom to know the difference?

Adrian playing baseball as a kid

Adrian taking a break

Music used in this episode:
"Deuce" by Jet Black Crayon
"Waiting to Breeve" by Ray Barbee meets the Matsson 2
"Nina" by Shawn Lee
"Millie Rode to Heaven On the Back of an Orca" by The Photographic
"Cobwebbed" by Tortoise
"Melancholia" by William Basinski
"Pollo Caliente" by Tommy Guerro
"Ene Alantchi Alnorem" Girma Hadgu


Lea Thau