Anniversary Episode: Strangers Revisited

Remember Dave Kessler from Episode 4 who'd been online dating for 16 years straight with no luck? Well, guess what....

Also, Franky Carrillo who was exonerated after 20 years behind bars takes us from Folsom Prison to the Pump Station to shop for tubes for his girlfriend's breast pump. And then he goes to visit another Strangers alum, Gil Garcetti, the former District Attorney in Los Angeles, who accidentally crashed a wedding while canvassing for votes for his son Eric (now the Mayor of Los Angeles), and who is often confronted by strangers whose lives he's impacted in dramatic ways...

The subjects in this episode are Dave Kessler, Rachel Winokur, Franky Carrillo, Gil Garcetti and Efty Sharony.



Franky Carrillo, exonerated prisoner, and Gi Garcetti,
former District Attorney, get together for "Strangers"



Dave Kessler finds love after 16 years of online dating
-- with girlfriend Rachel Winokur

Franky Carrillo becomes a father



Franky Carrillo with his baby boy, Akiva



Franky Carrillo with his girlfriend, Efty Sharony



Dave and Rachel in Costa Rica
(where David did not surf and was not water-boarded!)



Banner photo: Dave Kessler finds love after 16 years of online dating -- with girlfriend Rachel Winokur


Lea Thau