As Far as You Can Get

Welcome to our new series, "Summer of Love,” inspired by this quote form a Danish newspaper: "For decades women seem to have been asking themselves the following questions: How do I get a man? How do I hold on to him? How do I put up with him? How do I get rid of him? How do I find a new one?"

Gender aside, are those the stages of love in the modern world? Or what are the stages of love in the modern world? Each episode in this series will look at a different stage in a love relationship. But of course sometimes the most formative relationships are not the ones that turn into forever-after. Sometimes the relationships that make us who we are — that make us grow up and find our path on this earth — are the ones that don’t last. Tamara Lindeman tells this story.

Fair Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. — Photo by Tamara Lindeman.
Fair Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Photo by Tamara Lindeman

Andre as a child on Fair Island

Andre in 2004.
Photo by Tamara Lindeman

Tamara in 2007, during one of her many visits to Fair Island after Andre's death

Tamara Lindeman, now a professional musician

"The Line," Tamara's first album,
inspired by Andre and by her experiences in Newfoundland

"Loyalty," the third and most recent album by Tamara's band, The Weather Station


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