Love Hurts — The Follow-Up

Lea received hundreds of messages in response to her raw, personal four-part series, Love Hurts. In this follow-up episode, she strings together the funny, poignant and moving voice mails she received from listeners in response to the series and tries to make sense of this thing called love, finally. She also gives an update on her most recent dating adventure…

Music featured in this episode:

  1. Little Dragon/DJ Shadow - "Scale It Back"
  2. Shawn Lee - "Don't Trust Men"
  3. Charles Bradley - "How Long"
  4. D'Angelo - "The Door"
  5. Flying Lotus - "Auntie's Lock"
  6. Bombino - "Imidiwan"
  7. Super Hi-Fi - "We Will Begin"
  8. De Lux - "It All Works All The Time"

Lea Thau