Matjames returns: Scenes from Yellow Springs

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Three years after Tyler issued a dare for Matjames to return to Yellow Springs, and 26 years after he fled, Matjames finally makes the trip. For optimal enjoyment of this episode, please listen to the first story about Matjames and Tyler, Flee, Flood, Float.

Thanks to Tyler Hurwitz, Matjames Metson, Selanie Johnson-Hurwitz, Eli Hurwitz and Aza Hurwitz. And special thanks to John Gustafson for recording Matjames’s visit.

Follow Tyler on instagram @tylerhurwitz and Matjames @kingmatjames.

Tyler and her boyfriend John

Tyler’s upholstery work, made with a little bit of help from both Selanie and Matjames during Matjames’s visit

Matjames Metson with his artwork in Los Angeles

Matjames’s artwork

Selanie and Eli, early in their relationship


Lea Thau

Lea Thau