A Father's Story -- Then and Now

To mark the three-year anniversary of Strangers we share with you the very first story ever featured on the show, about Stephen Rochelle and his son Matthew, and we return to Stephen to see how they're doing now, three years later.

In July 2011, Matthew Rochelle stood trial for murder. This is the story of what happened, told from the point of view of his father. How did his sweet little boy end up in this place? How do you cope when your own child becomes a stranger? Can you make a difference if you do everything in your power to get him back?

For other people struggling with issues like the Rochelles, Stephen recommends the National Alliance on Mental Illness.



Rochelle Family


Matthew Rochelle


Matthew Rochelle

Music featured in this episode: 

  1. M. Ward - "Fuel for Fire"
  2. The Album Leaf - "Window"
  3. Bibio - "Sycamore Silhouetting"
  4. Bonobo - "Towers"
  5. Neu Balance - "May B. So"
  6. Electric Wire Hustle - "Thank You Steve"

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