The Long Shadow

An episode about the randomness of fate and how life changes in an instant at the hand of a stranger. A controversial event in 1997 changed the lives of two band mates and their friends. This is their story -- with Seth Goldsamt, Matt Gross, Jakob Gurevitch, Ben Mintz, and Jane Burmeister.


Matt (Top R) Christoffer (B) and bass player Thomas Vang (Top L)
in the New York days before the event


The Bush Pilots, from left to right: Thomas Vang, Christoffer Burmeister, Matt Gross, XX.
Note that Christoffer's t-shirt says "Stop D Violence."


Seth (L) and Ben (R) with Matt (3rd R) and bass player Thomas Vang
after a Bush pilots show in 1996.


"The new" (and older) Matt got to meet Michelle Obama


Matt and his brother Dan went on The Colbert Report last year to talk about gun control.
Dan Gross started working against gun violence after Matt was shot and now runs the Brady Campaign.


Christoffer Burmeister in his prime.

Banner image: Christoffer Burmeister on stage 1996


Lea Thau