Rebecca Hall, 'Christine'

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In the new film Christine, actress Rebecca Hall portrays 29-year-old TV news reporter Christine Chubbuck, who on July 15, 1974, shot and killed herself during a live broadcast in Sarasota, Florida.

Hall portrays Chubbuck as colleagues remembered her in real life: a serious reporter battling mental-health issues. In the film, she pines for a promotion that would take her to a bigger station in Baltimore. But her boss, played by Tracey Letts, tells her she is not turning in the kinds of juicy stories that can help him boost his station’s sagging ratings. She also has an unrequited crush on the station’s head anchor, played by Michael C. Hall.

Hall tells us why she was drawn to the complicated role of Chubbuck, and why she was so determined to play the part, even when her agents had hesitations.

She also talks about being cast as the villain in Iron Man 3, only to see Marvel slash her role.

Christine premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and was picked up by indie distributor The Orchard. It’s playing in select markets and will continue to roll out throughout the fall. 




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