'A Curious Mind'

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Producer Brian Grazer's body of work is deep and wide. He and partner Ron Howard have come up with some of the most memorable movies of the last 30 years -- everything from Kindergarten Cop to Apollo 13 to 8 Mile and A Beautiful Mind, which won Grazer and Howard the Oscar for Best Picture in 2002.

For years Grazer and Howard, through their company, Imagine Entertainment, made their home at Universal Pictures, which gave them one of the richest film deals in the business. They produced not just movies but TV shows, including Sports Night, Arrested Development, and Friday Night Lights.

But even A-list producers don't have those rich deals any more. When he joined us in the studio, Grazer talked about life in a post studio-deal world. It's perhaps not surprising that he's turning more attention to television, including 2015's breakout hit, Empire. He also shared stories from his new book, A Curious Mind, which tells how curiosity has been a guiding force for him, even as his career and his business have been transformed.




Kaitlin Parker