The Business: Special TV Roundtable Edition

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Michael Schneider, Los Angeles Bureau Chief of TV Guide magazine, moderates a dynamic roundtable discussion about the state of the television business. He's joined by Joe Adalian, West Coast Editor for New York Magazine's and A.J. Marechal, TV reporter for Variety. 


FALL TV SEASON 2013-- Why are we doing this again?

Our panelists debate the value of repeating this antiquated model of the big broadcast networks -- Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC and the CW -- premiering  a slew of new shows in the Fall. Audiences have been migrating to cable and streaming services and away from broadcast throughout the year. Could new shows like NBC's The Michael J. Fox Show or ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bring viewers back to broadcast?

HOW WE WATCH WHAT WE WATCH -- Must see it later TV?

Does "must see TV" exist anymore?  As our viewing habits change how is this affecting the TV business? Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the increased use of DVRs have radically affected how we watch what we watch.  

THE EMMYS -- Are they worth it?

What do these awards mean? Some shows get a bump off their nominations. But other popular shows like The Walking Dead don't get any Emmy love. Our panelists debate whether the TV Academy should add a Best New Show category and whether getting the fairy dust of an Emmy nomination is worth all the money spent on campaigning.



Joe: CBS's Big Brother sinks to new lows in casting.

A.J.: NBC's new game show, Minute Second Quiz (MSQ) with Ryan Seacrest, fails to create must see TV.

Mike: The Today Show reboot: An orange couch and Carson Daly?