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Self-professed 'Oscar nerd' Dave Karger is the chief correspondent for, and host of Fandango FrontRunners (pictured above with Matthew McConaughey). He takes a break from prognosticating on Access Hollywood, E!, and Today to answer all of your burning Oscar questions, including:

Why did Inside Llewyn Davis get snubbed, despite its critical acclaim?

What really goes on inside an Oscar voters head?

Will Johnny Knoxville appear as Irving Zisman (from the Oscar-nominated Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa) at the ceremony?

Why do most Best Actress nominees come from the independent world?

If producer Megan Ellison hadn't written a check for American Hustle, would it have gotten made?

With no nom for Monsters University, is the reign of Pixar officially over?

What is an 'Oscar expert' anyway? And how much clout do they have in shaping the Oscar race?
And of course, who's going to win?

CLARIFICATION: Around 2:00, Elvis Mitchell says: "And also it seemed for a long time there were two givens in the Oscars, that Woody Allen and the Coens would get nominated for Screenplay. And that didn't happen this year." He meant that the Coens did not get nominated for Inside Llewyn Davis. We'd like to clarify that Woody Allen was nominated for Best Original Screenplay this year.





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