John Hodgman: That Is All

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From a literary agent, to a writer himself, to eventually a television personality and an actor, John Hodgman is an instinctual follower of his own eclectic interests. He started writing for publications including the New York Times magazine and the Paris Review before turning his attention to a book, the first of three almanacs composed of completely fake trivia. The final installment, That Is All, is now out in paperback and audiobook. Hodgman has also been a commentator on The Daily Show and had roles in Community and Battlestar Galactica, although he remains most immediately recognizable from his portrayal of a PC in those ubiquitous Mac commercials with Justin Long. This week, John Hodgman pages through his long list of eclectic influences, from Lazlo Toth to David Foster Wallace to Jack Kirby. Plus, his plans for the end of the world.





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